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Reggae Sun Ska 2017 Festival, coverage by Reggae Mic

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Le Reggae Sun vu par nos amis ReggaeMic, du super pro, inoubliable, profitez en et cliquee sur le lien ci-dessous :

Our 20th show celebrating and sharing with you a massive coverage from the 20th anniversary of Reggae Sun Ska!

We spent 3 days at the extraordinary Reggae Sun Ska Festival in France and had the opportunity to enjoy all the vibes of the festival from beginining to end!
We spoke with some of the artists (Inna de Yard, Harrison Stafford, Joe Pilgrim, Yaniss Odua) and managed to get a full overview of every single aspect of the festival. From Friday to Sunday, we explain you everything about it! Who played, what the festival has to offer, how it's done and some other very cool stuff!
Do you want to know more about one of the biggest reggae festival's in Europe!? LISTEN!